About Us

This unique platform connects individuals in need of on-site furniture assembly & smart tech services with local high-quality experts.  What makes us different is that our marketplace isn't a lead generation service; orders are routed directly to the most qualified provider ready to service your order. No price quoting from multiple parties over multiple hours or even days. 

We take the guesswork out of on-site assembly services with a catalog of pre-defined and pre-priced services. Customers can choose from over 250 services available for instant ordering including furniture assembly, exercise equipment/sporting goods assembly and outdoor structures assembly.

Expert Marketplace officially launched in June of 2019 and is now available in over 50 metro areas across the United States. it is powered by APi Technologies inc, a premier software technology enabler for the experts-as-as-service industry.

The marketplace was founded by Marc Barad who currently serves the chief innovation officer of APi Technologies.